Summerhill Trust, a registered charity and company limited by guarantee, was created in October 2010 in response to the imminent closure and sale of the historic Summerhill Bowling Club in central Newcastle upon Tyne. The site was transferred in March 2011 to the Trust, whose ambition is to develop the greens and former clubhouse into a thriving community resource and who have now taken on responsibility for their management and maintenance.

We are also committed to working with Newcastle City Council to achieve improvements to the Council-owned Summerhill Park, the principal public open space in the Summerhill Conservation Area.

Summerhill Trust is a membership organization, open to all (annual fee £1).


If you would like to become a member, please fill in the form (you can type directly into the PDF) and return it to:

Summerhill Trust,
Summerhill Bowling Club,
Winchester Terrace,
Newcastle Upon Tyne,

Please include £1 with your application!

Membership form


Please consider making a regular donation to the Friends by Standing Order/Gift Aid (which adds 28% to the value of your gift). A standing order form can be downloaded by clicking the link

Standing order form