Our aims are:

  • to conserve, enhance and develop the green spaces of the former Summerhill Bowling Club for the sustainable benefit and enjoyment of our local community and visitors to the area;
  • to achieve a shared vision for the site through consultation with our local community, and to create a mixed-use site which reflects the needs and wishes of residents;
  • to ensure all sectors of our community have access to, and can enjoy, all the open spaces;
  • to increase engagement, participation and cohesion across our diverse community by improving and enhancing the facilities at the former Summerhill Bowling Club;
  • to develop the clubhouse into a welcoming community facility, and as a source of income to support annual overheads;
  • to work with Newcastle City Council to develop additional facilities for Summerhill Park, and to help create a family-friendly, safe neighbourhood park;
  • to achieve this vision with the support of a democratically elected Board, responsible for the financial management and governance of the Friends, and through the efforts of volunteer Working Groups.



The Board

Directors / Trustees

  • Carla Walker Farmer
  • Caroline Gant
  • Tom Woolley
  • Neil Canavan
  • Dr. Dow Smith (Chair)
  • Rebecca Eves
  • Deirdre Pearson
  • Phil Hodes
  • Tim Peel

Development Manager

  • Hugh Stolliday


  • Sam Shotton

Lead Contacts

Wildlife Garden

  • Paul Usherwood


  • Maysie Sharp


  • Barbara Usherwood/Caroline Gant

Bookings, Reservations, General Contacts

  • Hugh Stolliday