The central ‘square’, now formed by the park and bowling club, is fundamental to Summerhill’s character.

“A familiar, selfcontained townscape feature providing a quiet and safe leisure resource and a well-used through route, which also supports wildlife.

A door to the east-west route of the former cruciform path layout is still in place in the wall on Winchester Terrace and the north-south route is formalised as the cut through from High Swinburne Place to Summerhill Grove. This pleasant shortcut has a patchy asphalt surface revealing pink granite setts beneath a high stone wall with intrusive chicken wire on one

The Park’s beauty is in its simplicity with a good balance between neatness and naturalism. There is slight terracing from its earlier sub-divisions and a snaking red asphalt path. The piers, copings and 1970s steel replica railings are very attractive. Perimeter planting, including Laurel and Lilac, is historically appropriately sparse apart from to the north where thick foliage increases privacy. Beech line Summerhill Grove, with Ash, Sycamore and young blossoming trees elsewhere.”

(all information from the Conservation Area Character Statement, with acknowledgement to Newcastle Citycouncil)